"Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 1:15 PM

Im mentally fatigue in recent weeks.. I've been overstressing myself and thinking too much recently.

There's so much worrying to do,that i think i should let go.

Im currently worrying about assignments to be completed by this week before i leave for Perth. Everytime i open up my computer to start on it, i end up getting too anxious and i always don do a good job. Looking at my team members being more efficient than me worries me even more.

And there's the motor control exam. I have yet to start studying for it when i've less than a week to do so.

Time is so litle, i've not enough time to complete task at hand. Besides studies, i've been wrecking my brain to plan something for the boyfriend's birthday since we are both leaving for aust during his bdae week. Plans would be carried out this weekend, yet im also worrying if i've the time to complete my sch work by this weekend. Argh.
Travelling to ttsh to visit my auntie has actually taken up more time than expected....

I've been thinking about my career route after graduation too. Backside itchy, started stressing myself over such issue even before i stress finish about my assignments and exams. But im left with less than 2 mths to graduation.. Whats up for me aft that?

Whats the stress you asked me? Im afraid of making decisions that i would regret in future. I seem to have the tendancy to do that all the time. Damn it.

I cant seem to concentrate well in these weeks, my skin complexion became real bad. Anyone who have seen me recently can be witness to that.

See la Eunice, backside itchy think so much for what?