"Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 @ 8:19 PM

Application for NUS and NTU closes on thur.. WALAO during exam period.. Plus i learnt that i have to type an essay of 300 words to be submitted to them.. Wat on earth am i suppose to write man.
'Dear professors of local uni,
Pls allow this Little SuperHero Girl to enter the engineering department of yours. Although she does not have great acadamic results, although her workshop skills sux, although she don seem like the type who will make a mark, but mayb she might create more havoic happiness in ur teaching environment. the future FEMALE successful engineer of NUS/NTU.'


I really wanna try my luck getting into a uni. I don wan to work i wan study. I muz learn how to survive in the outside world before i step out.

Thats why i'm trying to enjoy the horrible stressful period exams.
Lucky for my classmates who were willing to be my tutors.

I dono wats with all the strange studying position.

Tiring period. If only i have a clear mind.
Sometimes i really wish i have the 打不死的蟑螂精神.

Little Superhero Girl. I like this, cos i wish i was. HAHA. Anyway its a title of a very nice song.

Lesson Learnt..:

Curiosity Kills..
And i wonder, really wonder if i crashed my own chance again..
Or izit i've to give up lydat.