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Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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trying money-wise ways
Thursday, June 28, 2007 @ 10:36 PM

I am very frustrated by this fact.
Sometimes u will start to see those few pea brain bums that have IQ yest super low EQ.. N to those dumb folks, With low EQ, u are worse than a retard.
U wan to be happy bout ur grades, just be, BUT LEAVE ME ALONE!

I suddenly found the money topic in my head all of sudden when i thought bout the GST rise thats gonna happen in just days time. Money is like so important in the future lah. I cant imagine how much broke i'm gonna be when the GST rise.
but i'm happy to say,
I finally bought my BRAUN BUFFEL wallet for myself and the GUESS wallet for my mum..
I muz give credits to my dearie
All thanks to my dearie for the great bargain.. And thank u for rejecting me when i wanna pay u back cos u said u wanna give it to me. Therefore thank u for splitting the cost with me. U helped me save alot. HAHA. SO SO SO... don lecture me on how broke i am already ok... I'm no spendthrift since u all call me an auntie. =P

But den again, there's really so much more stuff i need to spend on. ok not needs but wants.

New running shoes. I shall go queensway to source for cheap ones.

Early booking of Harry Potter movie. Which means i've to spent more than a normal movie ticket.

More savings for the various courses that i wanna sign up for. I wanna live a more wild and exciting life, gain more new experience. Therefore i wanna try out wakeboarding and kayaking, learning keyboard, get the lifesaving license. Oh i found out i wan to try out all the sports i nv try before like tennis, squash etc.

And i wanna go to the prawning place at marina bay before it closes down.

And i wanna go learn fishing frm my cousin's bf.. Or at least go try it out since he
always goes out to the open sea to fish. It would be so cool.

And of cos i need alot of money in order for my pet dog dream to fulfil. I will wan the best for my dog for it to live a gd life.

I really really hope i can achieve everything i stated above.. Aahh my dream list it shall be..

Anyway i took part with my mum the Great Eastern Women's run for charity.. YAAHHHOOOO.. I've always wanted to join a run. Although its only a fun run cos i will nv have the guts to embarass myself in the real race, i will still train hard for it..

And dearie.. Go for the orientation for the sch's gym!! u will love the sch gym.. Den in future we can go together!! Promise me Sentosa and Delta again alright alright... Because it was a great day to be spent with u..