"Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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The pre-exams period
Monday, June 04, 2007 @ 10:15 AM

I like going to the top of the hill! Mount faber!!!

I did so again on last fri, was to celebrate shu hua's b'dae. Happy birthday to u again shu hua! i hope u enjoyed ur day... =D

People involved: Birthday gal, laopo, brother bear Yizhi and bia imm.. Dear dam couldn't make it.. =( But it was great gathering, Our laughter can be heard continuously.

We played Zhong Ji Mi Ma (the game where u had to guess the secret number and if u do, there's a forfeit). Show u our bet.. don frown ok. =P

TADA!! Everyone had to add an ingredient in. Its was disgusting lah. fishball with rice with chilli with tom yam soup with choc cake!!!

Our victim............

Yizhi was the victim while bia was the one who gave the number..

Poor yizhi's face expression aft he force it down his throat.

The walk from the top of mt faber down was aso damn cool lah. I kinda regret not walking the dark eerie road cos it seems more challenging. HAHAHA. Only laopo can be the brave one. i think it was because while eating there, i already had so many flying insect encounter. PLUS the fact that laopo say she saw a BIG lizard walk past behind me on the railing. i tell u...THE RAIL WAS LIKE A HAND's LENGTH AWAY ONLY LAH.. i cant imagine wat if the lizard jump on me. anyway back to the eerie road, it was very dark, and i was afraid more insects will jump on me, thats why. Lol. nevertheless, our walk down was still so funny and insane.


The nxt day, went to bt merah lib to study.. I spent one whole day studying the killer paper.. in the end only make out wat chpt 1 and 2 is all about..

And, as i pass my boyfriend the watch which he wanted to get, he started becoming a small boy. super engrossed in his watch.

Firstly, read instruction booklet,

Den meddle with the watch,

AND TADA!!! Casio's G-Shock!

I told u he is still a small boy..

Small boy only match small gal and nobody else..! =D

I LOVE THE CATS near my hse.. They are just so cool lah, are shud i say friendly. But i dono why ppl insist that i shouldn't cuddle stray cats like i always do. Mayb its cos of my skin allergy and aft all they are stray..

There! The passionate ones.

And this is the one that i adore the most cos she's like so harmless lah.

I muz really start saving up if i wanna get a dog soon.. Even better if i can get a dog and cat. Den my dog plus cat and rabbit together with more animals will live happily ever after.. *day dreaming in progress*