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Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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Wang Ahhh FU!!!
Thursday, November 16, 2006 @ 7:32 PM

Yest wang wa wa told me the shocking news bout 'my' Zax Wang Ren Fu from the double 5ive double Six band. HE IS GOING TO BE A UNMARRIED FATHER!!!! at first when i haven read bout the whole story, i was like' What THE!!!' But now i'm happy for him sia.. although i know him he don know me.. Haha.. that girlfren of his who's bout to give birth is that taiwanese host Ji Qin. they have been together for ard 4 yrs le. Renfu always wanted to marry her to start a family but that Sun Zong manager don allow.. quite dramatic.. But i think they will get married soon.. It will be another big news to me!! Cos gf actually have difficulty conceiving de therefore hey cherish this baby alot.. SWEET....!!

This video which i found on youtube (Mv of song 'Sha Gua Qing Ren') and the video is all bout them. they have a sweet relationship actually. Oh ya this song!! I like this song!! of cos sang by my renfu b4 he joined 5566 when he was still in the other 'stupid' band.

Another video of Ji Qin on a talk show, when she talk bout her ren fu.. everything aso praising him de.. Say he know how to cook, very filial, very caring bla bla bla.. *envy envy*.. The big thing is that she's older than him..

what am i thinking of.... HAHA

anyway i was so into that news lah.. cos i was thining wat impression ppl will have of 5566 already... though those i know don really like.. haha. nvm got me can le! and it was under the influence of my tution teacher (who like 5566 too) that i was so crazy over them yrs ago.

And i found out i can wtch Mr Fighting from Youtube le!!!!! HAPPY LAH!!


Its not just three yrs, but its gonna go on and on.. =)