"Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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Welcome to Vivo City.
Sunday, October 15, 2006 @ 11:37 PM

Tonight is the end of my 'short' holiday. Tml will be the start of sch... BOOOOOO!!!!

Anyway i got something to tell u ppl!! Go to Vivo City. S'pore newest & largest shopping centre!! u can shop till u really drop. u wun be able to really shop every single shops there in 1 day loh. Its really huge. and its fun there. Really lucky to stay so near harbour front.. haha I love staying at redhill lahz,, going anywhere is so convenient. They actually have a wading pool at the very top floor where little kids and shoppers can step into either to play or wash their feets lah..

Isn't it funny to see beautifully dressed shoppers standing in the middle of the pool like wat i did.. lol

That thing hanging actually spins when the winds blows. [It was suppose to be a women hanging on to the pole] i dono did they place it there for decoration or wat but its like so wierd lah..

To continue on why this shopping centre is cool. And fun...

u will see such men located at parts of the mall dancing away. They are the ones whom u can ask for directions.. funny isn't it..

See that yellow guy in this pic riding that two wheel vehicle. He seriously looks like the character in street fighter lah. Again his job is to direct shoppers. FUNNY..

Why kids will like Vivo City....

Guess wat i found there too....

Ji Fan Sao!!! haha... I came home as a happy gal just now cos i bought a shirt and heels.. shop shop shop. But i didn't get to finish shopping there. i wan go back there again!!

Its been some time since i blog bout my rabbit huh... I Love My Rabbit Baby!!! i like rubbing his tummy. i like rubbing his head. I like chasing him and den he comes sniffing me.. haha. Oh my rabbit like halloween...