"Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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Bye Bye Haze, Hello Fog.
Saturday, October 21, 2006 @ 10:25 PM

in 8 hrs time, I will be on my way to GENTING!! half happy Half worried.
Genting will be fun, But the trip there will be boring.. Bumpy ride, Long hrs of travelling on coach.. Mon i will miss class.. I worried i will miss out alot of things. i wun be able to do and hand up CAD assignment.. =(

I will miss sistas.. I WILL MISS DEARIE!! Dam will miss me not??? sistas will miss me not??? haha

Thanks u Toothead for ur words.. U muz constantly pray for me ok.. haha.. Not free? Fine i pray for myself.. =P

oh ya i wan to boast bout something.. i forgot to post the pic of the 'birthday cakes' i made for spencee....

I made these!!! =D

Bye to Peeps who read... =) Back on tues night!!! I will bring back the fog to chase away the haze ok!!! haha.