"Dance as though no one is watching you
Love as though you've never been hurt before
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth"


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That distance away
Tuesday, October 05, 2010 @ 11:23 PM

I miss cookie boy so much, i wanna skype with him everyday!

Koala land!
Monday, September 27, 2010 @ 9:35 PM

Perth is perfect!
Joondalup city is abit too quiet though, very far fetched compared to singapore.

The weather is *woot* shiok! but it can get really cold at night.
I was at perth royal show without a jacket due to some reason, i badly needed the heat with the cold air slapping me in the face when night falls.
Speaking of the royal show, it was awesome! If only singapore could have such carnival. The best part was the fireworks! Watching that, i concluded that NDP's fireworks is crap. hahah.

School has started today, gonna get busy from tonight onwards.
Sch ended at 5pm, and decided to go for a run towards the beach aft that.
IT WAS FREAKING COLD! but it was a good experience, i've nv tried running in such a weather.

I think once i've adapted to perth weather, i'll die of heat when im back in singapore.

Flying on a jet plane
Saturday, September 25, 2010 @ 12:08 AM

Hip Hip Hooray! My auntie got discharged from the hospital today!

Thats good news to kickstart of the day before i go to Perth.
Yes im leaving on a jetplane tmr, for 18days to be exact.
I hope that besides the hectic school timetable, i'll have a good time there.
And may assignments be smooth sailing... (Already facing problem with a module even before im there..) Sigh..

Meanwhile, im so excited because i've gotten the tix for the Perth Royal Carnival! Im going to the carnival on sunday, im sure it'll be awesome.

Since i'll be gone for more than 2 weeks, i've officially left taken leave frm work at APSN.
Its only at the last day of work did i realize that i actually felt something for the students. There was this little sour feeling in me when i drove out of the sch compound.

And it was on days like teacher's day did i know that i meant something in a couple of student. Watching the student cry on the last day actually warms my heart abit. Not like i enjoy watching people cry, but just that i know i've made an impact in her life..

Lugguage: packed!
Passport: checked!
Hey Perth! Here i come!! :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 1:15 PM

Im mentally fatigue in recent weeks.. I've been overstressing myself and thinking too much recently.

There's so much worrying to do,that i think i should let go.

Im currently worrying about assignments to be completed by this week before i leave for Perth. Everytime i open up my computer to start on it, i end up getting too anxious and i always don do a good job. Looking at my team members being more efficient than me worries me even more.

And there's the motor control exam. I have yet to start studying for it when i've less than a week to do so.

Time is so litle, i've not enough time to complete task at hand. Besides studies, i've been wrecking my brain to plan something for the boyfriend's birthday since we are both leaving for aust during his bdae week. Plans would be carried out this weekend, yet im also worrying if i've the time to complete my sch work by this weekend. Argh.
Travelling to ttsh to visit my auntie has actually taken up more time than expected....

I've been thinking about my career route after graduation too. Backside itchy, started stressing myself over such issue even before i stress finish about my assignments and exams. But im left with less than 2 mths to graduation.. Whats up for me aft that?

Whats the stress you asked me? Im afraid of making decisions that i would regret in future. I seem to have the tendancy to do that all the time. Damn it.

I cant seem to concentrate well in these weeks, my skin complexion became real bad. Anyone who have seen me recently can be witness to that.

See la Eunice, backside itchy think so much for what?

All because of you
Thursday, September 09, 2010 @ 1:41 AM


一分开 你不在

因为 所以

Its been long..
Wednesday, September 08, 2010 @ 3:30 PM

Phew! I had the 'best weeks' of my life since my last update.
They had my head spinning in circles.

My laptop crash, Toshiba sux.
My BB and itouch screwed up just when i needed to surf the net for my assignments, technologies hate me.
It was at the most crucial time when my assignment was due. Eventually, the other 2 lovelies did all the work, i end up making it in time to finish up ONE paragraph. *Guilty*

Couple of weeks ago, my yiyi got admitted into the hospital. She had lungs infection before and apparently it got worse. To the extent that walking for a distance of just 1 bus stop away and you would see her frantically catching her breath. There were times i fear she would just collapse due to that.
Frens ard me knows how close i am to her. She's the one who babysit me ever since i was a mth old, she's the one i stayed with when my primary sch was at river valley while my parents live in Yishun. She's the one who i talk too without holding back much cos we treat each other more like friends instead of an aunt/niece relationship.

God knows how frantic i was when i learn that she has to undergo surgery, and the high risk it involves for her condition was weak and she aint that young to start with. I prayed hoping that she'll be given another chance to get over this major surgery. I went to the temple where grandma's urn was to actually asked for her blessing. It may sound silly, but i felt much comfort just by looking at her urn. I miss my ah ma alot too... :(

Thank god my prayers were answered! Although ahyi's lungs condition still aint that good, she got through the surgery. And i thank all those who asked about her!

Ohhh cookie boy is so cute!

Last few weeks, boyfriend and i had unpleasant times too. How i hate arguments!
Its time i change, its time i do something about myself. I hold back way too much, its unfair to my boy.
'Love as though you've never been hurt before'
I shall heed to that. I shall try, i will try.

Im quite an independent person in times of being alone, i feel.
I mean like i enjoy times of being alone, it gives me much 'pondering space'
Even when boyfriend enters the army, all we had were weekends.
When the boyfriend had field camps, when he went overseas, I brave through all and told myself to hold on, for it would all be over when he commissioned.
I was wrong, boyfriend workload increases when he became an officer. My time spent is lesser than when he was in OCS. By time spent, i even meant communication time over the phone.
Arguments started when i end up not being able to tolerate that distance, It was torturous at some time. Those were the times when eunice was a weakling.

But arguments are over, good times will come!

Wow, what a long and boring post.. Thanks for viewing my ranting page. :)))

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 @ 10:26 PM

Last entry, dated 28th July.
hahaha, aint that bad right, last blog entry was less than a mth. my blog haven really rot that badly.

Aww come on, everytime i am sitting infront of my laptop, it would be in the process of journal searching for assignments (assignments a plenty this sem).
By the time i finish my work (including fb-ing/ blogshop-ing :S), it would be my sleeping time.

Bahhhh tired lah!

Im currently anxiously waiting for my trip to Perth.
Cant wait to attend lessons and check out the whole sch.
Cant wait to hang out with my grp members and wreck havoc in Joondalup
Cant wait to explore Perth and gear up for some adventure.
Cant wait to try yummy-licious seafood at Frementle.
Cant wait to go sandboarding!!
Cant wait to swim in the sea where sharks exist.
Cant wait to share the same room as the girls. *snicker*
Cant wait to stress over the due dates of assignments.

Cant wait cant wait cant wait.
Best of all, i cant wait to travel!!!!

There are many beautiful countries outside singapore.
I must set a target, focus on a country that i wanna visit and work my ass off to fulfil that promise.
Nepal!! You'll be my target, i'll visit you one day, i promise!


that's alright because i like the way it hurts